Attention CEOs, Presidents, EHS VPs and Managers…..

  • Are you frustrated that your company is stuck at the minimum level of plant safety compliance, where people are just trying to “get by?”

  • Do you want to improve the odds of having fewer workplace injuries, and be able to make more money at the same time?

  • Are you tired of losing production, and profits, to workplace injuries “on the floor?”

  • Are your workers comp expenses out of control?

  • Is the lack of occupational safety holding back your production, and your growth?

  • If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you are not alone.

You are at the ideal place where this work would be most effective for helping you overcome these frustrations and achieve Safety Excellence.

Safety in the workplace begins with the Leadership
Management Team

Allow us to introduce ourselves; we’re Dick and Claire Knowles. We have a combination of nearly 70 years of experience in workplace safety, leadership, and business management. We’ve worked in some pretty dangerous environments and there’s not a lot we haven’t seen (or helped our clients work through).

Our experience and training have shown us that workplace safety and leadership are intimately connected. We believe, and our experience shows, that keeping workers safe in a plant environment should be a primary goal of every manager and leader. This is not just a function of your ethical responsibility; it also has a direct effect on your company’s bottom line.

Our robust, business-friendly Safety Leadership Process™

Here is what we’ve learned from our combined seven decades of hands-on experience…

  • Safety in the workplace is related to the way we choose to lead.
  • Safety excellence starts at the top of the organization.
  • Partnering with the people is the basis for reaching sustainable safety excellence.
  • A shame, blame, punishment approach achieves safety compliance, at best; it is just a start, but will not get to excellence or be sustainable.
  • Co-Creating your safety future leads to excellence and sustainability.

Leadership in the workplace must be the goal of any management team that is looking to be productive, profitable, and be able to comfortably put their head on the pillow at night – every night.

We are regularly discouraged that so many employees are getting hurt at work in ways that are totally preventable. All the pain and loss is huge. Each OSHA Recordable Injury can cost your company as much as $30,000-$40,000, and this comes right out of earnings. This is such a sad waste – and it can all be prevented!

We’d love to show you a simple, profound, effective way to prevent most of these workplace injuries. In just 6 months after a workshop in one large factory where we recently worked, they have already saved about $300,000 in avoided workplace injuries. Plus, these savings will continue to grow, month after month, as they continue to improve their workplace safety.

Our Safety Leadership Process is the key to moving to safety excellence in the workplace

The leadership of safety is the foundation of our leadership and safety training workshops. Over 95% of all workplace injuries and incidents are the direct result of the actions of people. Our processes quickly generate alignment, focus, and energy; producing visible, easily measured, positive results through a fundamental shift in the safety culture and the reduction of unsafe acts. This is the path to reducing workplace injuries and increasing the profitability of your business..

Safety Leadership Workshops

In our Safety Leadership Workshops, we engage cross-section of the workforce in a practical, hands-on approach which enables each individual to become a part of creating their safety future. Our workshop allows teams and organizations to co-create their Safety Strategic Plan™, reach rational solutions to their safety issues, and support them as they move forward to doing the real work of building a safer workplace. Often, the participants in our Safety Leadership Workshops quickly see how to apply the ideas and skills they’ve learned in these workshops to other parts of their business, resulting in broadly based, sustainable business improvements throughout the entire organization.

We use robust, proprietary, proven, safety leadership processes to accomplish these results in these 1-2 day Safety Leadership Workshops. Over 150 of these Safety Leadership Workshops™ have been successfully conducted in the USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand in the past 10 years. When management credibly supports this work, the workplace injury and incident rates drop to significantly lower levels and the new performance levels become much more sustainable.

After participating in our Safety Leadership Workshops, your organization will…

  • Make safety in the workplace a priority for your leaders, managers, supervisors, and for your entire workforce.
  • Make working safely a conscious and deliberate act for all employees.
  • Improve your company’s safety performance immediately.
  • Create a sustainable safety culture for all of your employees.
  • Reduce OSHA recordable workplace injuries and incidents.
  • Save money by reducing the waste of lost time, lost production, law suits, fines and workers comp premiums.

Since an average OSHA Recordable Injury costs between $30,000 and $40,000, a rapid reduction in workplace injuries results in significant improvements in earnings, as well as increased employee morale and dedication. The organizations who build on the workshops we lead, that use the maps we’ve developed together, that actively support the safety teams, and that sustain the work through their active participation and discussions—see rapid improvements in the organization’s safety performance – often achieving more than a 50% reduction in injury frequency rates within just a few months.

Avoiding fatalities saves even more. In the USA about 4,900 people a year are killed. This waste is hugely expensive and tragic.

We can show you how your company’s plants can save money, have fewer injuries, and boost profits through becoming more creative, energetic, productive and efficient.

We would like to give you instant access to an excerpt of our book, “Partnering for Safety and Business Excellence,” that will give a glimpse of:

  • How you and your team can become clear and unified on just what you want to have happen regarding your safety performance;
  • How to go out into your facility and really look at how people are working, so you can see for yourself the cause of over 95% of your workplace injuries;
  • How you can predict a potential workplace injury and react to prevent it;
  • How you can reduce your OSHA Total Recordable Injury rate to almost 0, and sustain this performance;
  • How you and your team can co-create and build your Strategic Safety Plan™.

Our business friendly, Safety Leadership Process™ will enable you to do these things, and improve your workplace safety record, quickly and effectively.

Some examples:

  • The owners of a large sugar mill recently reduced their injury rate from about 10 to 0 in just 3 months – and held it there for over 9 months.
  • In one large chemical plant, the employees cut their injury rate from about 8 to 0.3 in 3 years, then sustained it for over 20 years; they also increased their earnings by about 300% in the first 3 years of implementation of our Safety Leadership Process™.
  • Another company saved over $100,000 in lower-injury-related costs, and increased profitability by three-fold in just two years.
  • One mining organization improved from being the poorest safety performer to the best in the company in just one year, after our two-day Safety Leadership Workshop.

Our Safety Leadership Process™

Excellence in safety is a core leadership issue. We will teach you and your leadership team to use our proprietary process to open the conversations that will enable everyone to be heard and have their ideas considered. You and your team will discover the means to solve complex problems, create the social connections that you need to do the work, and build the emotional energy and commitment to get the work done quickly and effectively.  We will also teach you to “see” in a new way, revealing new information about what is happening in your workplace and open up strategies for significant improvements.

Discover just how our Safety Leadership Process™ works and how it will help your company improve workplace safety and earnings.

You can achieve excellence in safety beginning today!

Sign up for a complimentary, 30-minute conversation today, to learn more – and to have a free copy of our new book, “Partnering for Safety and Business Excellence,” shipped to you.

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