“I have used it (Process Enneagram) in companies and communities in Australia, South Africa, Namibia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Germany and Indonesia with groups as diverse as coal miners and steel makers through to lawyers, accountants and those charged with shaping the future of South Africa for the next 20 years. In every single case, I’ve been able to achieve results that would have been unheard of using other processes.”
~Tim Dalmau
The Dalmau Network Group, Australia

“Interestingly enough (actually not so when you understand the paradigm) other business metrics such as efficiency, quality and customer service improved at a similar rate. Ever since those days I have used this view of the world to improve other businesses that I have been responsible for with very good outcomes. We have recently had Dick and Claire run a workshop within my organization again- the feedback from everyone, at all levels, about their teachings, about the benefits of their teachings and about Dick and Claire as people has been outstanding. One of my colleagues described Dick as a the “Deming of Leadership” This is a very appropriate metaphor for both Dick and Claire. I thoroughly recommend these two inspiring people to anyone who is struggling to get what they want in an organisation and wants to do something different. I am happy to be contacted directly for a personal reference.”
~Paul Avey
Managing Director Australia